Laundry Service for Businesses

Now more than ever it is important for local businesses to maintain cleanliness and sanitation of laundry used at hotels, motels, restaurants, chiropractors, beauty salons, gyms, dental and medical practices, and rental Airbnb venues for the public. We can also manage laundry for unfortunate disasters like a hurricane or a fire. As a business owner, […]

Laundry Service – A gift to your family!

Your time is valuable. How you spend your time is up to you, but your priory should be on the things that matter most. Faith, family, work, and things that bring us joy and create memories are at the top of the list. Where is laundry in the priority list? All of us lead busy […]

The Holiday Season is Here!

Do you have time for laundry? Once Halloween is over November moves quickly into December. December is a wonderful time of the year! Don’t miss one moment with family and friends doing all your laundry! Flu season is upon us. We may have forgotten about flu and colds during the pandemic or forgotten to get […]

Does your laundry look scary?

Does your laundry appear to be playing a role in a horror show? That is okay for Halloween. If you are looking at this pile daily, it can be daunting! The Renaissance Festival recently contacted The Laundry Fairy to assist with their tremendous load of clothing for the staff staying at the campground. The laundry […]

Give the gift of Laundry Cleaning!

Laundry is a chore. When you are not feeling well or have an injury and have difficulty moving around your home, laundry is the last thing you want to do. Do you know someone having a baby? Having laundry service especially for the first month after the baby comes home can be beneficial for a […]