Does your laundry look scary?


Does your laundry appear to be playing a role in a horror show? That is okay for Halloween. If you are looking at this pile daily, it can be daunting!

The Renaissance Festival recently contacted The Laundry Fairy to assist with their tremendous load of clothing for the staff staying at the campground. The laundry load was equivalent to 160 13-gallon bags of laundry! It was an incredible amount, but the Laundry Fairies made it disappear. It was returned in 2 days laundered, folded, and hung as a benefit to the performers and staff so they can continue to entertain all the patrons of the festival.

If you were to bag your laundry in 13-gallon bags and leave on your doorstep by 7:00am (with a scheduled pick-up) it can MAGICALLY, be returned the SAME DAY cleaned, folded, and hung. No Trick, just Treat!

Any laundry bagged and ready by 2:00pm will be delivered the next day. That is amazing.

Do you want to know the secret potion to make it disappear and save you from the Halloween nightmare? Book it:

The Laundry Fairy charges fees by the bag starting with a filled 13-gallon bag at $20. Memberships start at $15 a month for a bag of laundry using The Laundry Fairy reusable bags and pickup/delivery on a designated day each week for 90 days. Family owned and operated, we are the exclusive local laundry pick up service that offers Young Living Thieves detergent, used safely for skin sensitivities. Specialty detergents are available by request.

Don’t be sacred by your laundry piles. Plan to be stress free this Holiday Season with The Laundry Fairy.



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