Laundry Service – A gift to your family!


Your time is valuable. How you spend your time is up to you, but your priory should be on the things that matter most. Faith, family, work, and things that bring us joy and create memories are at the top of the list. Where is laundry in the priority list?

All of us lead busy lives. Along with our daily employment duties, we engage in the community volunteering for youth groups, sporting events, church activities, or events related to our work or family members. There is just not enough time!

Having clean laundry is important. Personal hygiene, good grooming, and a professional appearance just makes you feel confident at any age.

Everyone has different talents. Laundry Fairies are professional laundry cleaners and can do the job quickly. If you calculate the amount of time, you lose doing what our Fairies could do in 3 hours, it is easier and more affordable to hire us! Finding time for rest and relaxation is critical for physical and mental health. Pushing yourself to do it all changes our moods and affects family relations. You cannot reduce the time you spend at work, but you can reduce the time you spend doing menial tasks. Doesn’t your family deserve more?

Give your loved one the gift of Laundry Service for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or just because you want to show how much more their time means to you. Take back time to do something fun or meaningful that can add to your memories! Gift cards are available starting at $40 that include two bags of laundry (tax included). Be unique, give the gift of laundry service!

Let The Laundry Fairy be on your priority list and start making memories with people that matter most!
The Laundry Fairy charges fees by the bag starting with a filled 13-gallon bag at $20. Memberships start at $15 a month for a bag of laundry using The Laundry Fairy reusable bags and pickup/delivery on a designated day each week for 90 days. Family owned and operated, we are the exclusive local laundry pick up service that offers Young Living Thieves detergent, used safely for skin sensitivities. Specialty detergents are available by request



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