The Holiday Season is Here!


Do you have time for laundry?

Once Halloween is over November moves quickly into December. December is a wonderful time of the year! Don’t miss one moment with family and friends doing all your laundry!

Flu season is upon us. We may have forgotten about flu and colds during the pandemic or forgotten to get a flu shot. Our minds have been busy with upticks and surges. We hope that is behind us and we can enjoy the things we also do socially this time of year. Laundry is not a social activity.

Did you know the flu virus can live up to 2 days on your clothing? If you allow your laundry to pile up it allows the germs to fester from anywhere outside to gain momentum with your family.

Getting a weekly laundry service is a healthy option to keep the entire family safe and living their best life during the Holidays. When you are over tired and stressed it allows viruses to take shape. Who wants to be ill during the happiest time of the year?

Our service GUARANTEES a 24 hour turn around with your laundry cleaned, folded, and hung. Can you even imagine the time you would save with the chore of the family laundry DISAPPEARING from your task list immediately? Give yourself a gift by trying The Laundry Fairy through the Holidays.

All fees are by the bag starting with a filled 13-gallon bag at $20.  Larger bags are provided by The Laundry Fairy in 30-, 40-, 55-, and 60-gallon reusable bags. Specialty detergents are available by request.

Sign up here: to have a less stressful Holiday Season! You will be singing Falala loud with JOY! Family owned and operated, we are proud to be the exclusive local laundry pick up service that offers Young Living Thieves detergent, used safely for skin sensitivities.



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