Routine Laundry Cleaning is Essential


Our lives are busy.

Laundry takes up needed time we need to be with family, maintain the home, prepare meals, and most importantly, relax.

As a homeowner we take out the trash regularly, it is disposed of by a pick-up removal service, or we dispose of it ourselves in a common dumpster. Our lawns are maintained to enhance the exterior of our home and to avoid a nasty letter by the homeowner’s association. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to have a laundry service that can pick up, sort, clean, hang/fold your laundry and deliver back to you in 24 hours?

Fortunately, in our community there is now a service that will “magically” clean, sanitize, and return your laundry to your home the very next day. The Laundry Fairy enables the chore of laundry to disappear from your routine chores immediately. Now that the virus is spreading in the community, we can control the threat of contamination in our home by cleaning laundry, including linens and towels, to diffuse the spread of disease.

School is starting next week. We all know how crazy the upcoming weeks will be getting school, work, family activities, and home duties in balance! Decide to give The Laundry Fairy a try with straightforward fees and no hidden costs. All fees are by the bag starting with a filled 13-gallon bag at $20.  Larger bags are provided by The Laundry Fairy in 30-, 40-, 55-, and 60-gallon reusable bags. Specialty detergents are available by request.

Are your ready to make your laundry magically disappear? Laundry can be scheduled for picked up at to be washed, dried, folded, hung up, and returned within 24 hours!

Family owned and operated, we are proud to be the exclusive local laundry pick up service that offers Young Living Thieves detergent, used safely for skin sensitivities.



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